Welcome To The Blog With No Rules

Much like my ever busy brain, what you’ll find here is a mishmash of this and that.  Mostly books. I love books. I love books A LOT!  🙂 I especially love FREE books, so when i get wind of some free or crazy cheap I’ll share with you! (mostly on my twitter page @AuthorMoniqueP ) You should probably be aware that I REALLY love erotica, romance, bdsm, D/s, and pretty much anything that includes great sex scenes. I do read a bit of almost everything though.

I’ll also share memories, pretty pictures, random thoughts, learning experiences (also known as mistakes), daily life of a forty-something and even some of my writing as I attempt to expand on my creative side.  Occasionally I’ll just rant, because, well, it’s my blog and I can. lol

So pick up your coffee (or whatever it is that non-coffee people drink) and come take a load off with me.

I hope you enjoy!
Monique P.

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